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Remote Control Fishing Boats…The Fish are Real! Wisconsin is the Place to Catch Em! New With Video

7 Aug

Who could ask for a better time fishing?

It’s been a fantastic summer, time to check out the scene “Bass Fishing with a NEW 30 inch Bass Pro”!

Under normal circumstances, we recommend using the line release feature and a fishing pole for bigger fish. But once in a while people like to push the envelope and test the power of their Bass Pro out.

The RC Fishing Pole and Bass Pro Remote Controlled Boat for Fishing

The RC Fishing Pole and Bass Pro Remote Controlled Boat for Fishing

According to our two Rc Fishing Experts, they didn’t have “Any” problems landing a couple of fine Bass by attaching a line to The Rc Fishing Pole, and driving them in.


27 Jul

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Rc Fishing for Trout! NEW Video! With The RC Fishing Pole and the Radio Ranger Remote Control Boat for Fishing!

25 Apr

Our Fish Fun Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat is really making the rounds this year with videos from all over! The newest Rc Fishing Video arrived via Youtube yesterday, a wonderful day to catch a trout, in beautiful Washington state! The Radio Ranger always attracts crowds, and this is no different. According the fisherman he caught 4 trout while the guy using a fishing pole only caught 1. Well imagine that,  simple, our friend with The Radio Ranger is able to cover more water, he just drives the boat to a new spot if he’s not getting bites. We can’t wait to see the line release in action, hopefully we’ll see a new video out soon showing a huge catch with the line release. For some reason most of the new videos this year all show pulling in the fish with the boat, that’s not hard to understand why, its fun! If you have a Rc Fishing video you want to send us did you know you can get a Free Boat? Thats right, use The Rc Fishing Pole, or our Fish Fun Rc Fishing Boats, put your video on Youtube or send it to us, and pick out a new boat, Free! Keep the videos coming, this is great!

Derby Lake, WA, Rc Fishing with the Radio Ranger

Rc Fishing Doesn't Get any Better Than This!

Time to Enter. Thanksgiving Day 2011 Drawing. Win a Radio Ranger!

15 Nov

It’s that time of the year for giving! Fish Fun Co., maker of “The RC Fishing Pole” has a treat for everone that has been following RC Fishing, a chance to get a Radio Ranger free. Click the picture below to enter your name for the drawing, or go to: on the contact page to enter! Good Luck! Free Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat Drawing

The Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat in Florida Catches a Jack, LadyFish, and Snook!

30 Jan

Fishing with the Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat!From January 2011 As we said we promised to bring you the most up to date news about Rc Fishing and here’s the latest! The featured Fish Fun Rc Fishing Boat in these new videos is The 34″ Radio Ranger. Last week Ned, AKA CheifCrakaBru, (his YouTube Name) received his new Radio Ranger. Without delay he set out to show us how they go fishing in sunny Florida, Rc Style. Ned caught 3 nice fish during his adventure! So while half of us are freezing our cookies off it’s at least nice to see some of us are still doing some quality fishing.
*Warning-These videos may contain scenes not suitable for children, ie: Drinking. More About the Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat by Fish Fun Co


28 Jul


So You’re Considering a RC Fishing Boat.

Consider the “LuckyStrike” RC Fishing Boat!

Under $100!



There’s no question now why Remote Control Fishing Boats have recently become very popular with kids and adults. Now for the first time there are sporty new products available like “LuckyStrike” for even the youngest fishermen or the expert anglers. Whether you’re 9 or 99, if you ever messed with a remote control toy then you can see why this has to be the greatest little gadget for catching fish!

Why not use a remote control boat for fishing?

Drive you line out to the favorite fishing spot. “With the LUCKYSTRIKE I can drive my line 400 feet for baitcasting where the fish are”

Kids have a blast driving it around the dock with the line attached to the boat, (no fishing pole required) and pulling in the fish with “LuckyStrike”!

Available on Amazon or

Fun Fishing with a Remote Control Boat

12 May

Make Your Next Camping Trip Special-And Please don’t Forget the Radio Ranger

Fish Fun Remote Control Boat for Fishing

Vacation, Going Camping, and Radio Ranger, priceless

Going camping without my Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat is now something that I must turn back to get if I forget and if I don’t my kids won’t be too happy. I don’t care how far from home we are!

 To be honest, it is me, I’m the one, that isn’t going to be a happy camper without my little electric fishing boat. I actually got into R/C fishing when I was looking for something to help my little ones get interested in fishing, and to have a little more fun when we go fishing. 

This Quality Boat is Fun and is Going to Catch the Fish

32" Radio Ranger $59.95

The thing that surprises me about these Fish Fun Co. Rc Fishing Boats is there’s two ways to use them. My kids like being able to catch a fish with a piece of fishing line on the boat and retrieve it with the boat too. The boat does all the work, pulling the fish in with the remote controller the boat gives them a real thrill, like when they’re playing those video games. I like it too because they want to go fishing now. I can also use it along with my fishing pole. I like being able to drive my fishing line out 300 feet and dropping the line where I want. And I can go after the big fish in the lake. The line release works like a charm, a fish hit’s, line disconnects and I reel in the fish with my fishing pole. 

The only thing is I can’t get it away from the kids! 

When we first went fishing with the Radio Ranger my kids were so amazed and interested by this little boat that they were actually fighting over who got to use it. Previously, they were always complaining when I dragged them along to go fishing with me, now they get angry if I go without them! My son at only four years old caught his first Bass with the help of an RC fishing boat. I found the biggest problem about having a young fisherman like my son was the fact that he was unable to cast far enough. Of course, I casted for him and then when we got a bite I’d let him reel it in, but the Radio Ranger was responsible for his first 100% solo catch. When I go camping I no longer have to worry about my son and daughter running around all over the campground and causing trouble. They’ll literally Spend hours sitting in front of the dock trolling around the dock with the Radio Ranger.

A few things that I enjoyed about the Fish Fun boat’s were the fact that this boat is very easy to control, and my little ones with their limited motor skills were able to effectively steer it without getting into any trouble. The range of the Radio Ranger was also something I was impressed with, at a two hundred to three hundred foot range I can let my kids control it without too much worry about it going out of range. I also like the power of the Radio Ranger, having duel engines makes it easily strong enough to bring in any dock fish such as crappie and sunfish. My kids really enjoy trolling around the docks and doing catch and release for the smaller fish. 

The only downside, if you can call it a downside, is the amount of questions you’ll get from people asking where to get one. I guess it’s not every day you see a fishing RC boat like the Radio Ranger. Overall, it is the boat I recommend for anyone when they ask me what RC fishing boat they should get. It’s great for beginners to experienced users alike. One more recommendation, is invest in extra rc battery packs, because you won’t want to quit!

Get more information about these Rc Fishing Boats Go to Http://

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