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Remote Control Fishing, review “The RC Fishing Pole”

23 May

Fish Fun Co.’s “Remote Control Fishing Pole”
Here’s a product that will turn any r/c boat into a remote control fishing boat!
Looking at the features of “The RC Fishing Pole”…It’s designed to attach to any r/c boat and to turn the boat into a rc fishing boat. It’s for those that already have a remote control hobby boat, you attach it, then you can use the boat to go fishing.

“The RC Fishing Pole”, comes with everything to get started, instructions, holders, connectors….$19.95
from Http://
It’s simple to put on any r/c boat.
One great feature is you don’t need any tools, screws or glue to put it on, and it removes easily from the r/c boat as fast as you put in on.

Second great feature is a line release when the fish hits, catch any size fish.
The line release is simple, one sticky back velcro dot goes on the end of “The RC Fishing Pole”. Then the other one goes on your fishing line, placed to allow your bait/hook to be underwater, you can choose the depth by where you put the velcro dot.

Can you adjust the tension, well, to a degree I would say, depending on how hard you afix the two velcro’s together. They don’t need too much pressure to stick together.

To see the Instruction Book Click Here
Two ways to use it fishing, for big fish, and small fish.
So barely putting them together is good for panfish, where tighter is bigger fish.
If you are just going after the small fish then you can do this. Attach the line to “The RC Fishing Pole” , there’s is a small hole at the tip to do just that. So when the fish hits you use the r/c fishing boat to pull in the fish.
I’ve seen those tiny release clips for planer boards about 1-2 inches long that you could choose to attach to the small hole.

How much weight can the r/c boat travel with, for baits, sinkers, etc., 3-4 oz. tops, unless you put the planer clip on “The RC FIshing Pole”.

Speed? R/C Boats vary in features with regard to variable speed, since “The RC FIshing Pole” will attach to any r/c boat, you can buy a boat that fit’s your needs. They boats they sell at RC Fishing World are not variable speed, they cruise at a good trolling speed..15-20 mph

Same thing with battery life, the batteries for r/c boats can be upgraded, there are some really good batteries out there at most hobby shops and online, so if your boat doesn’t come with a real powerful one you can always buy a better one. I’ve even heard of joining two batteries together. Most r/c boats come with a 7.2 volt 1800 nicd, battery that gives you 20-30 minutes constant run time. Charge time, about 3 hours.

If you are using an off the shelf r/c boat, and attaching “The RC FIshing Pole” to it, all of the regular features of the r/c boat and remote are what you would get. Most of us have played with a remote control toy at one time or another so, learning how to operate the r/c boat insn’t an issue.

There are two ways to use “The RC Fishing Pole. One where the line disconnects when a fish hits, the good thing about that is catching a lunker, it can be used another way. There is a small hole at the tip of “The RC Fishing Pole’ to attach a line….then using the r/c boat to actually fish, and then the boat pulls in the fish, this is for small panfish.

RC Fishing is a new take on fishing, and for some of us it provides a soluution to fish under low lying branches where we can’t cast, and to navigate our line to inacessable spots. The youngsters with all of their electronic gadgetry love it too, for them it takes fishing to another level. I like it because I’m a fisherman, I like to catch fish.
You might want to see some of the video’s at the RC Fishing World website to see it in action.
Click Here: Http://

Or Click Here to see all the RC Fishing video’s on YouTube.
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Action packed afternoon r/c fishin’! video

18 May

Remote Control Fishing, Who can catch more fish!

Two r/c boats battle to catch the most fish. Who’s going to win?Now these guys are having fun today. No more casting, they’re using remote control boats. They’re using two different boats with “The RC Fishing Pole” on the r/c boats! WoW, If that doesn’t beat all the kinds of fishing I’ve seen.

The Birth of Remote Control Fishing

7 May

Remote Control Fishing began with some kids tying fishing line to a remote control toy boat, and catching a catfish with it. Now, that looks like good clean fun. They almost sank their rc boat. Mmm, looks like someone forgot their (“RC Fishing Pole”)
this was their inspiration, what gave the kids the idea?

There’s a saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”, which in the case of RC Fishing, it basically means, there had to be a way to do it without the rc boat sinking when the fish hit the hook.
Those kids, that simple video, and ingenuity may have started this new phenomonen. It even has a name now, it’s now officially called Remote Control Fishing, We still just call it RC Fishing.
So, that was then, and this is now.

Remember Flash Gordon?…, Lost in Space, or My Favorite Martian? Have you thought about futuristic things, like “going places man has never gone before”? I do all the time, that’s the thing I like about RC Fishing. The words REMOTE CONTROLLER, or RADIO TRANSMITTER remind me when I was a kid, if it flew, or buzzed, with the push of a button, I wanted it, battery operated toys were the future. Just wait till I beam me up a Big Bass! Mmm, it sounds pretty scientific. But,…….. I’m going to give this Remote Control Fishing a try!

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of the new phenomenon called rc fishing.Why do they have to be so scientific, can’t they just say rigging a rc boat to catch a fish?

“Quoted” from Wikipedia -“Remote control fishing – Fishing can also be done using a remote controlled boat. The boat is usually one to three feet long and runs on a small DC battery. A radio transmitter controls the boat. The fisherman connects the fishing line/bait to the boat; drives it; navigating the water by manipulating the remote controller. The technique is growing in popularity. The methods of remote control vary, from tying a piece of fishing line and bait to the boat, and driving,(retrieving) the hooked fish, with the boat. Another method is using an apparatus designed so that once the fish is hooked the line disconnects from the boat, and the fish is retrieved with the fishing rod.”

Here’s some RC FIshing Video’s you might enjoy seeing!

The New look of RC Fishing Boats

7 May

Remote Control Fishing Boats

New look of Remote Control Fishing. Pick a boat to use.

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