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21 Jan

The Streak Rc Fishing Boat, is Big, 30″ inches of Fish Pulling Power!

Twin Motors now Driven with a Powerful 2.4gHz system.

Drive Forward, Left , Right, and now our latest model has Reverse.

As always, as with all our Rc Fishing Boats The New Streak also includes The Rc Fishing Pole.

You can drive your line out from your fishing rod and release the line where you want, or pull in small fish with this powerhouse!

Includes The Rc Fishing Pole, Fishing Line, Bobber and Hook!
30 inch Get on a Fishing Streak! Almost 3 Feet!
Our Ready T0 Run RC Fishing Boat
Everything is Included! Charge the Battery and GO FISHING!
This ready-to-run Fishing boats Cool, and Futuristic Looking, Built
Tough, Fast and Variable Speed!
Pull in fish with the boat, up to 3-4 pounds, or use the line
release pads and take the fishing line from your regular
fishing pole out anywhere you want and release it!
This Speedy Vessel is almost 3 feet-long, a powerfull Rc Fishing Machine!
Catch Fish Up to 3-4 Pounds, Drive Them in With The Streak!.
Speeds up to 25+ MPH
20-30 Run Time with the Included 1500 mah Battery Pack.
*Requires Two “AA” batteries for the Transmitter

Constructed of durable and lightweight ABS material
Features an operating range up to 200-300 feet
Comes with a display stand
*Requires Two “AA” alkaline batteries for the Transmitter
Measuring 30 inches long, this RC boat is perfect for ponds,
rivers, and lakes
Recommend Age: Under 14 use supervision



3-Direction Remote Controller: Forward, Left and Right
Run Time: 20-30 minutes
Charging Time: 60 minutes
High Capacity Boat Battery:7.4V 1500 Mah LIPO battery
Range: 300 Feet
Battery Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Boat Dimension: 30” Long x 10 Wide

Material: ABS
Type: RC Boats
Functions: Forward,Turn left/right
Age: Above 14 years old

Package weight: 9.5 Pounds
Package size (L x W x H):
32.68 x 11.42 x 8.86 inches

Package Contents:
1 x Fishing Streak Rc Boat
1 x Rc Fishing Pole, Fishing Line, Bobber, and Hook
1 x Transmitter
1 x 1500 Mah Boat Battery and USB Charger
1 x Extra Set Of Propellers
1 x Boat Stand
1 x User Manual

The Fish Fun New Streak is Ready to Run right out of the box, just charge the battery and Go Fishing! There’s never been more fun fishing than being able to use a remote control boat and going fishing at the same time. The New Streak is not like the novelty “toy” boats there is a lot of quality built into this rc fishing boat! And it includes the RC Fishing Pole so you can pull in fish too! Put the Fish Fun Co. Mini in the water, and go fishing the new way, rc fishing! Fish Fun Co. remote control boats are for real fishing.

Only $109.95


Fish Fun Co. Surf Fishing Boats 101

20 Jan

This Ocean ( or Lake) Ready Surf Fishing Rc Boat is the Newest, Best Hobby Grade Rc Fishing Boat everyone has been wanting! Built in GPS, 1 Hour Run Time, Waterproof Hull and Big Brushless Motors Plowing through the Ocean Surf of Skimming across the lake 1500 Feet and dropping your Baited Line!

Radio Control Bait and Hook Release: Use the Radio Controller to pilot your boat to the optimal spot to release bait and hook. 2 remote release points are built in to our design.

Slide your Baited Hook into the Compartment, close the Door and Your Ready. Drive 1500 feet, press the button, and the line releases!

Contact the Folks at Rc Fishing World 1-(734)-502-8796 and go over to Https:// to Buy one while they last!

Features and Function:
Long Distance Bait Release / Powerful Surfing Ability (Twin Brushless Motor Power System). We can deliver the bait to 500 yard range from the shore, The boat has powerful brushless motor and thruster system with guards , designed to keep your line free from the props and deliver your bait on target
Self-righting, Waterproof design: The boat is durable in the ocean with 3 -4 ft waves thanks to our innovative self-righting design. The boat will turn over automatically again after capsizing and is a tough workhorse designed to battle the elements. Our sealed hatch is designed to keep the internal compartment and electronics watertight.

15 MPH second boat speed: This workhorse fishing surfer can quickly deliver your bait and tackle to the target area with our quality 9.6v electric / watercooled brushless motor system
Radio Control Bait and Hook Release: Use the Radio Controller to pilot your boat to the optimal spot to release bait and hook. 2 remote release points are built in to our design
2.4 GHz Radio with Power Batt. Indicator: The radio can control the boat without losing contact and , the battery indicator on the transmitter will show the power of the battery for the boat.
Front & Rear LED Navigation Lights with Low-Voltage Warning: Fishing in low light is easy with our LED lighting system that will allow you to identify location and aspect of the boat. The built in low-voltage warning system will remind you to return to shore before you lose battery power

GPS Function: One Button Return & 4 Fishing Spots Marking. Press the ” One Button Return”, the boat will return back to the original spot. Up to 4 fishing spots can be marked with the built-in GPS locator to bring your boat back to the exact spot you released your previous bait and hook.

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