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The Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat in Florida Catches a Jack, LadyFish, and Snook!

30 Jan

Fishing with the Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat!From January 2011 As we said we promised to bring you the most up to date news about Rc Fishing and here’s the latest! The featured Fish Fun Rc Fishing Boat in these new videos is The 34″ Radio Ranger. Last week Ned, AKA CheifCrakaBru, (his YouTube Name) received his new Radio Ranger. Without delay he set out to show us how they go fishing in sunny Florida, Rc Style. Ned caught 3 nice fish during his adventure! So while half of us are freezing our cookies off it’s at least nice to see some of us are still doing some quality fishing.
*Warning-These videos may contain scenes not suitable for children, ie: Drinking. More About the Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat by Fish Fun Co

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