Call to Action! Reel American Heroes Foundation

13 Mar

First Annual Reel American Heroes Fishing Tournament
May 21-22, 2011
Joint Base Bolling-Anacostia (formerly Bolling Air Force Base)
Washington, D.C.

With the economy issue here and the continuing conflicts going on around the world, simple acts of generosity go a long way. Fishermen understand the power that fishing has. Being able to make everything go away for a while, make good memories. The funny thing is we know Fish Fun Co. has the coolest thing around, so we knew a remote control fishing boat is an easy way instant smiles!  few smiles on the faces of our troops and their

Captian John Avalos holding the Fish Fun Co. MasterCaster Remote Control Fishing Boat.

Captian John Avalos holding the Fish Fun Co. MasterCaster Remote Control Fishing Boat.Take a Vet Fishing Tournament

children who otherwise don’t receive enough recognition for their generous sacrifices.  Since 2009 Fish Fun Co has risen to support our troops, here and abroad. After hearing about the “Take a Vet Fishing Day Tournament” we had the satisfaction of a few smiles on the faces of our troops and their children who otherwise don’t receive enough recognition for their generous sacrifices.  2011 is no different!

At the May 2009 ‘Take A Vet Fishing” tournament we met an amazing young soldier named Jason Lettermen.  He was a couple months away from retirement when he lost both legs while serving in the Middle East.  When Jason arrived at the tournament he was in a wheelchair and was extremely excitied about participating in the event.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with this amazing young man.  He wanted to know everything we could tell him about fishing and we provided him with details on how to use all of the baits that we gave him.  Unfortunately it rained hard the night before the tournament and the ground was muddy but that did not stop Jason.  He was determined to prove that he was fully capable of handling this situation on his own and would not let us help him.  We were both amazed and impressed at Jason’s determination and ability to naigate the wheelchair in these conditions.  Jason and his family were provided with a pontoon boat and a bass angler to fish the tournament.  When the fish were weighed in at the end of the tournament Jason and his family ended up finishing in the top three both days.

At the end of the day, prizes were given out to people that had purchased raffle tickets. When the big prize of the day was being given away in the raffle, Mrs. DeFreitas won a remote controlled fishing boat as her prize.  Mrs. DeFreitas looked over at Jason’s family and decided that she wanted to give the boat to Jason’s two sons.

Jason and his family won a 30" MasterCaster Rc Fishing Boat from Fish Fun Co.

Jason and his family won a 30" MasterCaster Rc Fishing Boat from Fish Fun Co.


6 Responses to “Call to Action! Reel American Heroes Foundation”

  1. Bill September 18, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    Great boat for catching bait fish; what do you do when a 10 hits??????


    • rcfishingboat November 15, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

      Good Question Bill. With a plain rc boat with a fixed line attached that couold present a problem. It’s doubtful that any remote control fishing boat that does not have a fishing line release system, (like The Rc Fishing Pole) could pull in a massive fish or any fish that is proportionatly bigger than the actual boat itself.
      The Rc Fishing Ploe, (as seen in the story) deos indeed have a fishing line release system. In other words you could use one of the boats in the story with The RC Fishing Pole to deliver your line, say 400 feet…you can then choose to release the line. It wouldn’t matter if a “MAKO SHARK” takes the bait…..The line will disconnect from the boat…and you will reel in the fish with your fishing rod.
      Now that would be great if these rc boats could pull in a MAKO SHARK without a fishing rod. But as of yet the old saying stands, “You’re going to need a Bigger Boat”!


      • Bill April 15, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

        You should mount a ros and reel on deck that can actually reel in a fish; that is a REAL FISHING BOAT!! Not a person with a rod and reel standing on shore. Still a great idea.


    • rcfishingboat March 27, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

      Good question Bill. Did you know with “The RC Fishing Pole” you also get a line release feature? Let me explain, attach the fishing line from your fishing rod to the RC Fishing Pole, then instead of casting you can drive your line out. The advantage of the line release is if you are after BIG Fish, literally you can catch any size fish no matter how big. Once the fish hits, the line will release from the boat, and then you reel in. Another feature is that you can drop your line anywhere you want. But for fun, we do like to use the boat to pull in the fish, keeping in mind though if you’re fishing for big fish we recommend using the line release feature.


      • Bill King March 28, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

        Great idea. I have designed and built a 4 foot twin screw remote control fishing boat with a workable rod anr reel mounted on deck that can not only reel in a fish up to 15 lbs. buty you can tighten or loosen the reel drag all by RC. Has a 1/4 mile range and can fish for 3 hours.


      • Bill April 16, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

        The line atached to the reel can be losened by pushing a botton on the transitter if the fish pulls to hard and then can be tightened by pushing another button, Yes the reel drag can be adjusted all by remote control. That is what a real RC fishing boat is all about


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